Bye Bye LinkedIn Answers!

On Jan 31, 2013, (tomorrow) LinkedIn Answers will be discontinued and no longer accessible. 
It’s really a shame to see LinkedIn Answers discontinued. It was a “place” to see trends of the day, get expert advice and help people.

In an email to members LinkedIn noted: 

“We'll be focusing our efforts on the development of new and more engaging ways to share and discuss professional topics across LinkedIn. In the meantime, you can still pose questions and facilitate professional discussions through other popular LinkedIn channels including LinkedIn Polls, Groups, or status updates.”

Now what? What site will we use as an alternative to LinkedIn Answers?

Here some alternatives to LinkedIn Answers

Yahoo! Answers: is a way to find and share information. You can ask questions on any topic, get answers from people and share your knowledge; launched on June 28, 2005. Yahoo! Answers is available in 12 languages. 

Wiki Answers: An active community that keeps Answers.com relevant and always up-to date. You can ask your question, search through other people’s questions or just browse from the available categories. You can easily sign up with your Facebook account.

Quora: When you want to know more... Ask a question. Get answers from people with real experience, and blog about what you know. You can sign up with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account. 

Stack Exchange: is a fast-growing network of 96 question and answer sites on diverse topics from software programming to cooking to photography, to gaming, to...  2,847,135 users, 5,4 million questions 10,2 answers 7,6 million visits per day. 

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