How Spam became spam!

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How Spam became spam!

Ten things you never knew or never imagined before about... Spam

On July 5, 1937 Spam Luncheon meat was introduced by Hormel Foods Corporation

1. Hormel offered a prize for the best name for the product. The winner was Ken Daigneau; an actor who was brother of Hormel’s vice-president.

Ken Daigneau
2. Some say “Spam stood for spiced ham; others say it was Special Army Meat but Daigneaut said he’d though of the name earlier but was waiting for a product to fit it.  

3. From 1945-53 was promoted by a troupe of 60 women including a 16-piece orchestra.

4. More Spam is eaten per person is Hawai and on the island of Guan than anywhere else.

5. The famous Monty Python Spam sketch includes the use of the word “Spam” 113 times. To watch the sketch go to: Monty Python Spam Sketch 

6. That sketch led to the use of the word “spam” to describe unwanted ans intrusive email messages.

7. The earliest example of the use of the word “spam” cited in the Oxford Dictionary was in 1993.

8. According to documents submitted to the US Patent Office, Hormel had been using the word “spam” for it’s luncheon meat since May 11, 1937.

9. To limit spam mails, the us congress passed a CAP-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing) in 2003.

10. If all the tins of spam ever sold were shared among the world population we’d get one each.


Source: By William Hartston – Daily Express   

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